About Dialysis At Home

Flexible Schedules

Home Hemodialysis services are generally done more frequently and for shorter periods of time. For example, a typical home dialysis schedule may be 5 days per week for 2 hours compared to in-center dialysis which is typically 3 days per week for four hours. Your specific dialysis prescription will be customized to your needs by your doctor.

Schedules are flexible and you can choose when you want to have treatment whether that's early morning or evening hours, most preferences can be accommodated.

How it Works

The process begins with a visit by a registered nurse to your home to do an evaluation and to determine where the best place to set up your dialysis would be. Health, Life & Wellness Solutions utilizes the NxStage dialysis machine (http://www.nxstage.com/patients/) so there are no special plumbing, water or electrical requirements like with other machines. This machine is small and sits atop a small cabinet so there is not much space required.

All equipment, supplies and medications will be supplied by the company.

Since medical staff will be administering your dialysis there is no training required and dialysis can start right away.

Your own nephrologist (kidney specialist) can write your dialysis prescription and follow your care. If you do not have a nephrologist, our medical director and board certified nephrologist can assume your care.

You will also be followed by a Registered Dietician who will provide education and information regarding the renal diet and nutrition issues.

A Social Worker will also work with you to provide education and information on available community resources, adjustment to dialysis, and maintaining your quality of life. They are also available to answer any questions and provide information about your insurance and coverage options.

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